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    Masonry scaffolding for sale, best wholesale scaffolding for masonry

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    Masonry scaffolding for sale, best wholesale scaffolding for masonry
    product details
    Hengxiang supplies high-quality masonry scaffolding at Low wholesale prices around the world. As a direct scaffolding manufacturer, we provide a wide range of scaffolding types and sizes with a competitive price and reliable quality. 

    The scaffolding for masonry is the most common type of scaffold used by contractors. Our scaffoldings have a high load-bearing capacity and fast assembly. 
    masonry scaffolding for sale

    Masonry Scaffolding Accessories

    This frame and brace scaffolding system usually consists of a frame, cross brace, joint pin, solid base jack, masonry scaffolding planks with hooks, wheels, etc.
    Masonry scaffolding makes laying bricks or blocks safer and more efficient when working above where masons can easily reach from the ground. The erection and use of a scaffolding system require planning and careful implementation to ensure job safety and production.

    Construction scaffolding is easy to assemble and can be reused, so it is often used by our customers for rental, sale or self-use. No matter what purpose you are purchasing scaffolding for, choose a scaffold that complies with local regulations, such as OSHA.

    Masonry Scaffolding Dimensions

    Material Q235 Q345
    Type Frame scaffolding for masonry
    Surface treatment Galvanized/Painted
    Color silver, red, blue, yellow, green or customize
    Standard EN74 BS1139 AS1576
    Advantage easy erection, strong loading capacity, safety and stability
    Main components frame, walk board, joint pin, cross brace, base jack, u-head jack and casters
    Usage building construction, ship building, indoor and outdoor decorations, etc.

    About Hengxiang Scaffolding

    Hebei Hengxiang Engineering Materials Co., LTD. is a leading manufacturer of scaffolding and suspended platforms in China. Our mission is to develop, manufacture and supply reliable, safe, innovative scaffolds that make work easier and faster in a safe environment.
     scaffolding for masonry
    Our company have a wide range of scaffolding products, such as masonry scaffolding, ladder scaffolding, ring-lock scaffolding, adjustable steel props, self-climbing scaffolding systems, electric scaffolding, scaffolding walk boards, steel scaffold plank hooks, casters, etc.  

    Buy scaffold, shoring and accessories for wholesale prices from Hengxiang. For masonry scaffolding prices, customization or other demands, please feel free to contact our professionals to learn more about our products. 

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