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    How many types of suspended scaffolding

    Release time: 2021-12-27 Viewed: 2333
    Suspended scaffolding, also referred to hanging basket or rope suspended platform, is a temporary lifting machinism system, which can be widely used for working at high-rise building facades, such as construction, window cleaning, curtain wall installation, exterior wall maintenance, etc. As an specialized equipment to quickly transport personnel and tools to an elevated work area, how many types of suspended scaffolding are there?
    suspended scaffolding
    In fact, there are 8 types suspended scaffolds, including Catenary, Float(ship), Interior Hung, Multi-level, 
    Multi-point Adjustable, Needle Beam, Single-point Adjustable, Two-point (swing stage).

    8 Types of suspended scaffolding

    1. Catenary

    The working platform of a catenary suspeded scaffold is supported by two essentially horizontal and parallel ropes attached to structural members of a building or other structure.

    2. Float(ship)

    This type of suspended platform consists of one braced platform resting on two parallel bearers and hung from overhead supports by ropes.

    3. Interior Hung

    The platform of interior hung scaffolding is suspended from roof structure.

    4. Needle Beam

    It’s structure is simple. Its working platform is suspended from needle beams, and usually attached on one end to a permanent structural member.

    5. Single-point  Adjustable

    This type of suspended scaffolding is a platform suspended by one from an overhead support. The single-point adjustable suspended platform is usually used for window cleaning of a high-rise building.

    6. Two-point (swing stage)

    In practical application, Two-point(swing-stage) suspended scaffolding are the most common type of suspended scaffold. The swing stage is hung by ropes or cables connected to stirrups at each end of the platform. This type of suspended platform has wide applications at different sites, such as high building external wall cleaning, construction decoration and welding at different working heights. 
    types of suspended scaffolding

    7. Multi-point Adjustable

    The platform is hung by more than two ropes from overhead supports. 

    8. Multi-level

    A multi-level scaffold is a two-point or multi-point adjustable suspended platform with a series of platforms at multiple levels.

    Suspended platforms produced by Hengxiang have passed ISO9001:2000 version certification, and all the suspended scaffolds have to pass strict inspection before they leave the factory. If you are interested our products, feel free to contact our sales manager to get the product specifications and the latest price. Whats APP: +86 17731713701

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